Let smart home security into every family


Our company

Seamooncloud technology was founded in 2015, is committed to build practical, useful and easy to use the Internet intelligent security products, "Airbnk" intelligent lock series is the company's focus on Internet intelligent lock brands.

The main r&d team of the company has more than ten years of research and development experience, and has rich technical accumulation in the field of information security.

Under combined with Seamoon group has its own advantage, factory "design-development-production-sales-service" complete industrial chain, to create first-class platform for the intelligent home products and services, at the same time provide personalized custom services, make every family can enjoy the technology bring safe, comfortable, convenient.

workers workers environment

High productivity

Hxfactory of Seamoon has 12 years manufacturing experience, the deepening of the pearl river around the globe, OEM Refit won at home and abroad, its all adopt imported production equipment, perform the highest standard of guidance, produce the best products.