Reduce the number of landlords
Remote management of bluetooth keys

bluetooth lock,A key lock

(Support the App)

Open lock mode


Classic color to choose

Mass order, customizable color


App management

Rent the house, cleaning service,

The landlord can distribution a bluetooth key remotely

When the rent is due, the key or password will automatically expire

the landlord can cancel the right to open the lock remotely

Query opening-record

Check in and out of your house anytime

Query opening-record

Strong anti-break ability

With a strength C-class lock core,hardly be technically open.Door lock strength B-class,reached the international standard.

Strong anti-break ability

Wrong unlock lock

Lock the key after pressing the wrong button 5-time

Financial level encryption

All data inside the lock is encrypted and stored in a separate security zone toensure data security.

All data interactions between the lock and the user's phone are encrypted with chip authentication to ensure transmission security