Airbnk M500 Smart Bluetooth lock

Install indoor,change your front door lock to smart Lock in ten minutes.

Switch lock by phone

Your phone is the key.You could unlock and lock your front door indoor or outdoor by App、wechat miniprogram. Without worrying about forget the key.

Give access,Not keys

Give keyless entry to family, visitor, courier and others from anywhere. No need to send key on the move.Control the time of limit of the access,would be walid when time out.

Check unlock record anywehere

The Airbnk app keep 24/7 Activity log.Always know who locks and unlocks your front door.Historical records are kept in the clouds to prevent loss.

Financial level encryption

All data inside the lock is encrypted and storage separately to keep the data safe;Use authenticated encryption schemes to secure the transport of data between lock and phone.

Easy install by yourself

Will it work with my door ?

Only work with most single-cylinder deadbolt